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Detective Conan: Sunflowers Of Inferno

Quality: Year: Duration: 112 MinView: 7,153 views
21 votes, average 6.2 out of 10
Conan and his friends must prevent Kid from stealing a famous painting.

Though it’s gonna be worse year by year,I would continue to support CONAN till the last one.Cause it’s my childhood. I still remember the thrilling and exciting this series had given to me when I was a kid.In China the Internet become popularize in recent ten years,and in my high school,I found Detective Conan in the Internet and it was still updating.From then I began to follow Conan all the way,and including the 2011,it was m15,A quarter silence,I feel really crazy about it.Afterwards,I saw all the movies.To be honest,m1 to m9 are my favorite ones,but things after m10 gonna boring.I don’t know if it is because the change of mood,or the movie program is actually declining. I still watch it once,twice,in the cinema.I try to find out the old memories.

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Language: Deutsch
Revenue: $ 43.000.000,00

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