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Silent House

RGenre: Horror, lk21, Mystery
Quality: Year: Duration: 85 MinView: 1,310 views
108 votes, average 5.1 out of 10

Sarah returns with her father and uncle to fix up the family’s longtime summerhouse after it was violated by squatters in the off-season. As they work in the dark, Sarah begins to hear sounds from within the walls of the boarded-up building. Although she barely remembers the place, Sarah senses the past may still haunt the home.

A girl is trapped inside her family’s lakeside retreat and becomes unable to contact the outside world as supernatural forces haunt the house with mysterious energy and consequences.

This movie is about Sarah as she and her dad go to their lakeside retreat to pack things up inside because it is being sold. While there, her uncle also helps get the place up to scratch so they can sell it. The uncle has to leave to get an electrician to check the wiring, but after he goes she starts hearing noises and seeing what she thinks are people inside the house. Soon she and her dad are attacked by someone or something and they end up in a fight for their lives. But there’s something more going on here than she thinks. Written by Michael Hallows Eve

Tagline: Experience 88 minutes of real fear, captured In real time
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Language: English, Español
Budget: $ 2.000.000,00
Revenue: $ 13.101.672,00