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The Dreamers

NC-17Genre: Drama, lk21, Romance
Quality: Year: Duration: 115 MinView: 48 views
507 votes, average 7.1 out of 10
A young American studying in Paris in 1968 strikes up a friendship with a French brother and sister. Set against the background of the ’68 Paris student riots.

Paris, spring 1968. While most students take the lead in the May ‘revolution’, a French poet’s twin son Theo and daughter Isabelle enjoy the good life in his grand Paris home. As film buffs they meet and ‘adopt’ modest, conservatively educated Californian student Matthew. With their parents away for a month, they drag him into an orgy of indulgence of all senses, losing all of his and the last of their innocence. A sexual threesome shakes their rapport, yet only the outside reality will break it up. Written by KGF Vissers

Tagline: Together nothing is impossible. Together nothing is forbidden.
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Language: English, Français
Budget: $ 15.000.000,00
Revenue: $ 15.121.165,00

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